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Our Story

Mila Moursi, Founder

mila moursi founderMila Moursi is known as Beverly Hills’ hidden secret and expert in prestige skin care—from head to toe. Classically trained in Paris in aesthetics and cosmetic chemistry, Mila is a rare combination of talents.

A licensed aesthetician trained in classic, European skin care methods, Mila has both an aesthetician’s understanding of the best skin care techniques and a chemist’s knowledge of how to create formulas that have luxurious, French textures and deliver remarkable results. She believes skin is one of life’s miracles and it needs to be treated with exceptional care at any age.

Mila’s passion began in Paris over 35 years ago, where she studied cosmetic chemistry as a disciple of Dr. Louis Renaud, a renowned French chemist who created many of the luxurious and timeless formulas of the great prestige skin care houses from all over the world. She then moved to the United States to share this unique knowledge and passion for improving the health and beauty of her clients.

Mila has enjoyed over 30 years’ experience working with beautiful people from all over the world who have confidence in her signature facial techniques and her prestige, high-performance skin care products. She spares no expense in finding innovative, leading-edge ingredients from the best of science and nature to incorporate into her skin care line, Mila Moursi Advanced Skin Care.

In 1981, Mila opened her West-Hollywood-based spa, the Mila Moursi Skin Care Institute & Day Spa, where she continues to welcome A-listers from all over the world as well as clients from all walks of life.

Mila travels frequently researching the latest technologies for Mila Moursi Skin Care.

Dina Moursi, Co-Founder

As Mila built her business, the constant was her daughter Dina Moursi, who was always at her side to support and inspire her mother’s endeavors in launching the world-renowned spa and product line.

In 2009, Dina began her journey being educated and mentored by Mila. Since then, she has become a significant and valued member of the Mila Moursi team. Dina currently spearheads the educational and training programs, social media, website, and stores.

The Brand
Developed in France and established in the United States

Mila Moursi and the esteemed Dr. Louis Renaud developed Mila Moursi Advanced Skin Care, utilizing the finest and the purest essential oils and plant extracts the world has to offer, combined with leading-edge scientific advancements.

With her extensive knowledge in product development, she worked with renowned chemists in France and the United States. Mila continues to develop products that combine the latest in science, technology and nature.

At the core of the brand is the MM 5.5 Complex, a proprietary system of youth-enhancing ingredients developed by Mila and her team of chemists to prolong the health and beauty of the skin.

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